New Season, New Resources!

Hi Everyone,

After feedback from attendees of various presentations, I have created a silhouette identification guide for damselflies in Ohio. A dragonfly guide is forthcoming, but I figured I would start with the easier group first. The guide is mainly to differentiate families and give you a starting place of where to look for species groups. This guide and many others are also available on the Resources page of this website.

As always, best of luck and find some cool Odes!


Current Odes to watch:

Painted Skimmers; Blue Corporals; Baskettails; Swamp, Harlequin, and Springtime Darners; Carolina Saddlebags; Eastern Red Damsel; Aurora Damsel; Sedge and Sphagnum Sprite; and Rainbow Bluets

Aurora damsels did not get many reportings in 2017, but keep an eye out! They have a distinct back pattern with no thoracic stripes and no eye spots! A few people have seen them so far this year.

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