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Although the main survey period is now over, the Ohio Odonata Society is still accepting photo observation records via iNaturalist. So if you find any cool dragonflies and damselflies in 2020 and beyond, consider submitting them to contribute to our knowledge!

The iNaturalist project can be found here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ohio-dragonfly-survey-ohio-odonata-survey

If you are interested in meeting up with excited naturalists, check out our upcoming events post.

What are you interested in?
Species distributions in Ohio: https://u.osu.edu/ohioodonatasurvey/species-distributions-across-ohio/
How to find dragonflies and damselflies: https://u.osu.edu/ohioodonatasurvey/searching-for-dragonflies-and-damselflies/
Identification resources: https://u.osu.edu/ohioodonatasurvey/identification-resources/
How to submit records to iNaturalist: https://u.osu.edu/ohioodonatasurvey/photo-submissions-inaturalist/visual-guide-to-photo-submissions/

If you have any questions, contact:
MaLisa Spring (State Coordinatorspring.99@osu.edu),

The Ohio Odonata Society collaborated with the Ohio Division of Wildlife to update the original Ohio Odonata Survey that ran from 1991 – 2001. The newest survey ran from 2017 through 2019.

Goals for the second survey of Ohio dragonflies and damselflies include:

  • to identify every species known for each county.
  • to identify species introduced/established in Ohio since the original survey.
  • to determine changes in distribution and abundance, especially rare species

Last, and perhaps most importantly, is our funding source. This project is largely supported through the Ohio Division of Wildlife as part of the Ohio Biodiversity Conservation Partnership. We are deeply appreciative of their help to support this research so we can better understand Ohio’s biodiversity. If you like this program, consider donating to the Ohio Division of Wildlife or to the Triplehorn Insect Collection to contribute to preserving our biodiversity. You can also become a member of the Ohio Odonata Society which has grants that fund Odonata Research in Ohio.









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