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March 17-20, 2019: North Central Branch Entomological Society of America meeting (Cincinnati, Ohio) Registration required. MaLisa will give a short presentation on the Survey, but there will be many other cool presentation related to current research on insects.

March 21, 2019: 7 :30 PM Ohio Citizens and Dragons: Documenting threatened species with iNaturalist (Ashland, Ohio). Join MaLisa Spring as part of the Environmental Lecture Series from Ashland University. All are welcome to attend and learn more about how they can participate. Anticipate fun facts about dragonflies and damselflies.

March 23, 2019: Museum Open House (Columbus, Ohio) Want to learn about the inner workings of the Museum of Biological Diversity? Join us on Saturday, March 23rd to tour the many collections and learn how they are used for research. It is a great event for kids and adults. FREE ATTENDANCE

March 23, 2019: Butterfly Identification and Monitoring Workshop (Youngstown, Ohio) Although not directly related to dragonflies, learning about butterflies and different monitoring schemes might be of interest to you. Plus, it gives you an additional excuse to get out in the field to look for cool insects. Registration is $15 (or $5 if you bring your own lunch). Free attendance for students. Registration is due by March 16th and registration is limited to 120 participants. More information and how to register are in this pdf. Ohio Lepidopterist Workshop 3.23.19

March 30, 2019: Ohio Outdoor and Wildlife Expo (Huron, Ohio). The Ohio Odonata Society will have a booth at this expo. There will be all sorts of cool outdoor related events and talks at this expo. MaLisa will also be giving a 45 minute fun dragon talk. FREE TO THE PUBLIC

April 4-6, 2019: Vernalpoolooza (Ashland, Ohio). Join the Ohio Wetlands Association to learn about all things vernal pool related. Talks on Amphibians, Macroinvertebrates, Hydrophytes, Photography, and so much more.

April 26, 2019: Documenting Dragons in Ohio: the Search Continues (Willoughby, Ohio). Join MaLisa Spring for a talk at the Burrough’s Nature Club of Willoughby, Ohio as part of their regular program. She will cover the basics of finding dragonflies and damselflies in Ohio followed by the latest news on our many threatened and endangered species of these aerial predators. Join us to learn how you can help by documenting species near you!

April 27, 2019: 12-4 PM Planet-Palooza (Reynoldsburg, Ohio). Celebrate Earth Day with this FREE family friendly event featuring many activities and environmental organizations! Go creeking, explore a vernal pool, take a tram ride, make crafts, play games or participate in many other activities. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to celebrate and explore our planet! Rajat Saksena will run a table for the Ohio Dragonfly Survey.

May 31st – June 2nd – The Ohio Dragonfly Conference (Rio Grande, Ohio). More information and registration on this page:  https://u.osu.edu/ohioodonatasurvey/2019-ohio-dragonfly-conference/

June 5, 2019: 7 PM East Central Ohio Forestry Association Monthly Meeting: Woodland Dragons (Dover, Ohio) Join MaLisa Spring for a 45 minute presentation on woodland dragonflies at the monthly meeting for the East Central Ohio Forestry Association. Meet at the Dover Public Library. The talk will cover the basics of dragonflies and damselflies with an emphasis on woodland species. Free to the public!

June 6, 2019: 7 PM Gardening for Dragons (Granville, Ohio) MaLisa Spring will cover how to support dragonflies near you and backyard management tips for dragonflies and other insects.  More details on location forthcoming.

June 12, 2019: 7 PM Gardening for Dragons and documenting backyard species (Columbus, Ohio) Join MaLisa Spring at the Serendipity Garden Club meeting, specific location to be updated closer to the meeting date. (The talk starts around 7:30, but the meeting starts beforehand)

June 15, 2019: Dragonfly Day for kids (and kids at heart) (Bellefontaine, Ohio). Join Jim Lemon at Myeerah Nature Preserve for a short presentation followed by fun activities! Learn why dragonflies are important for wetlands, how to safely handle dragons, and much more. Try your hand at using dip nets to find nymphs or practice with your camera to document species for the survey. Free to the public!

June 22, 2019: 1:30 PM Dragons at the Mound: Photographing Dragonflies (Granville, Ohio). Join MaLisa Spring at Infirmary Mound Park for a short 15 minute presentation at Shelter 3 to learn fun facts about dragonflies and how to photograph them. Then join us on an hour photography walk. Get up close and personal with dragons netted for research purposes. Bring your camera or cell phone and join us on this adventure! This will be both a photography methods and natural history walk, so feel free to ask as questions about getting “the shot” or for fun facts (ex: baby dragonflies breathe through their butts). Leashed dogs welcome per park rules. Free to the public!

July 12-14, 2019: Mothapalooza (Portsmouth, Ohio). This event is focused on moths, but dragons are sure to be found.

July 13, 2019 (rain date July 16th): 8:00-1030 PM. Insect Night Walk (Wooster, Ohio). Join The Ohio State Entomology Department students, staff and volunteers at the Secrest Arboretum for a night filled with insect-themed activities including: The Bug Zoo, Cockroach Races, Maggot Art, Firefly Catching, Edible Insects, …and much more! At the end of the night take a guided walk through the arboretum to learn all about insect life after dark. Bring your flashlight, sneakers, and a bug jar (a plastic peanut butter jar works great). Not a dragonfly specific event, but still a fun one for kids to learn about insects. Free to the public!

July 19-20, 2019: Coyote Run Bioblitz (Pickerington, Ohio) Join naturalists of all stripes as we try to document as many species as possible on the Coyote Run Farm. Make sure to sign up if you want to attend the bioblitz. Registration found here: https://www.ohwetlands.org/bioblitz-2019.html

July 26-27, 2019: Midwest Native Plant Conference (Dayton, Ohio) MaLisa will give a guided walk on Friday of the conference in addition to a presentation on Dragonflies. Space is limited at this conference.

August 10, 2019: 1-4 PM River Jam Event (Sandusky County, Ohio) At Wolf Creek Park just south of Fremont. More information forthcoming.


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