December Ohio Maple Days & Grading Workshop

Don’t forget to register for the Ohio Maple Days meeting scheduled for December 11 in Ashland.  We have a limited number of seats, so don’t delay too much in getting in those registrations.

We are also excited to host a syrup grading workshop on Friday, December 10th.  Please consider making a couple days of it to participate in both the workshop and the main event on Saturday.  Registration for the syrup grading workshop is on the Woodland Stewards website.

See you there!

2 thoughts on “December Ohio Maple Days & Grading Workshop

  1. I have always enjoyed Maple Days, but now it’s moved even further away from us southern Ohio producers. I guess my days of attending are over. At least it’s finally changed to December, I was always leaving sap to come. I know others were already boiling in January, too. I guess there’s just not enough of us southern guys to service.

  2. Dana, We understand that change is always going to result in efficiencies for some and complications for others. That said, the one-stop shop approach is going to improve vendor participation, greatly ease the burden for presenters, and there is a lot to be said for gathering ALL the state’s producers in a single location. The switch to December is certainly a welcome change to all(?).

    Please don’t think we are purposely sliding away from the state’s more southern producers. The increasingly strong collaboration with West Virginia addresses more and more of the challenges facing our most southern producers, and we are excited to continue supporting ALL the state.

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