Ohio Agricultural Lending Outlook: Fall 2018

Sources: Eric C. Davis, Robert Dinterman, and Ani L. Katchova
Farm Income Enhancement Program
Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics
The Ohio State University

Financial stress is a problem afflicting numerous Americans. The Financial Health Institute describes it as a “result of financial and/or economic events that create anxiety, worry, or a sense of scarcity”1. When trying to understand the level of financial stress that farmers are facing, the most tangible window through which to glimpse that condition is loan payments. By understanding whether or not farmers are able to make timely loan payments, one can know if farm income is sufficient to allow debts to be covered, and the most common way of doing this is by examining delinquency data, which is information that lending institutions report concerning the value of loans that are more than 90 days overdue. Read the full article by clicking on this link: Ag Lending Outlook FIE 2018-1mkmj88

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