Grants and Low-Interest Loans for Ohio Small Farms

by: Eric Barrett, Assistant Professor

Are you looking for funding for a new venture on the farm? Are you interested in doing a research project to try something new on your farm?

OSU Extension has a new factsheet on to help you find funding sources that match the ideas you have for your farm. The most difficult part of preparing to apply for these programs is developing a business plan. The factsheet includes information on where to get help with a business plan and where to find enterprise budgets to help develop the plan. The OSU South Centers has a website with templates and other information, a Small Business Toolbox to help you get your plan down on paper. The toolbox is located at:

Grants to support current farming operations are difficult to find, but more available when it comes to trying a new idea. Most grant programs offer funding for research ideas, new ventures on the farm and ways to add value to products grown or produced on the farm. Many Ohio farmers have found the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Grant Program to be a fruitful funding opportunity for project ideas.

Low interest loan programs support all types of family farming operations. The factsheet explains types of loans and gives examples of where to start the search. One example is the AgriLink Deposit Program through the Ohio Treasurer’s Office that helps Ohio farmers get a lower interest rate by partnering with local banks.

The factsheet includes the names and information to use in internet searches to find the right program fits the needs of your farming operation and your ideas.

For complete details, you can read the factsheet at:

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