2018 Ohio Dairy Enterprise Budget for 2018

by: Barry Ward, OSU Extension, Leader, Production Business Management

The newly updated Dairy Enterprise Budget for 2018 has been completed and posted to the farmoffice website: https://farmoffice.osu.edu/farm-management-tools/farm-budgets

This dairy budget assumes a large breed herd and an 80% corn silage / 20% hay feed ration. Details are provided for feed rations and building and equipment costs. The budget includes the costs associated with a cow during the lactating and dry periods with a 13-month calving interval and is based on a 700-cow herd.

For a herd with mid-level production of 24,000 lbs. rolling herd average, feed costs per hundred weight (cwt) of milk sold is $6.80. Variable costs per cwt are estimated to be $12.45 while total costs are calculated to be $18.36 per cwt.

This dairy budget was authored by Maurice Eastridge, Extension Specialist, Dairy Production; Barry Ward, Leader, Production Business Management and Dianne Shoemaker, Extension Field Specialist, Dairy.

OSU Extension Enterprise Budgets are compiled on downloadable Excel Spreadsheets that contain macros for ease of use. Users can input their own production and price levels to calculate their own numbers. These Enterprise Budgets have color coded cells that allow users to plug in numbers to easily calculate bottoms lines for different scenarios. Detailed footnotes are included to help explain methodologies used to obtain the budget numbers.

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