New Safety Rules for Private Intrastate Non-CDL Drivers

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has revised its rules relative to motor carrier transportation safety. The new rules apply to businesses that use vehicles with a gross vehicle weight (GVW), gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), or gross combination weight rating (GCWR) of 10,001 to 26,000 pounds to transport property or passengers on a not-for-hire basis in Ohio.

There have been several questions from farmers about how they will be impacted by these rule changes.

The PUCO regulation change results in intrastate, non-CDL private motor carriers being subject to the same laws as other larger trucks. (Non-CDL is 10,000 – 26,000 lbs). However, these new rules will still not apply to farm trucks which remain in Ohio because the definition of private motor carrier, and for that matter motor transportation company, specifically does not include those trucks “engaged in the transportation of farm supplies to the farm or farm products from farm to market.” So there is no change in compliance for farmers who are hauling supplies or products. The interpretation is that this is only for transport of your own farm products/supplies, not for-hire transportation or hauling.

Here is a link to the two definitions:
ORC 4921.02 See definition of “Motor Transportation Company”:

ORC 4923.02 See definition of “Private Motor Carrier”:
If you have any questions, I would encourage you to check the links listed above for detailed information about the rules and definitions.

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