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Program Events

All program events are by Zoom.

Saturday, May 22
Move in
Convening dinner

Monday, May 23
Overview of program information and activities
Lunch with mentors
Meeting with mentors and HR activities

Friday, July 29
Capstone Event
Welcome, morning presentations by students, and virtual poster session
Faculty, chairs and deans or provosts from OSU and the Ohio 5 colleges will join for this event

Saturday, July 30
Move out

Workshop Calendar

Unless otherwise noted, these events are required for all trainees.

Week 1
Responsible Conducts of Research (Amy Ferketich)

Week 2
Keeping a Good Lab Notebook (Tom Magliery)

Week 3
Proposal Discussions
Bring your one-page aims description to this meeting to to share and discuss. The aims page should, roughly, have one paragraph on the larger area and problem, one paragraph on the specific area to be studied, one paragraph each on the aims of the project, and one paragraph on the innovation and significance.

Week 4
Four Minute Research Presentations
Mentors and student mentors should attend.

Week 5
Preparing an Abstract

Week 6
Applying to Graduate School
Meet Graduate Studies Committee Chairs and other program representatives.

Week 7
Preparing a Research Poster

Week 8
Giving a Good Research Presentation

Week 9
Practice Presentations

CPH/Statistics Journal Club

These events are required for students in biostatistics, epidemiology, and statistics labs.  Other students can participate if interested–please contact Dr. Amy Ferketich ( with questions. Times TBA.