Gaya joins the Oestreich Lab

This month the Oestreich Lab welcomed graduate student Gayathri Dileepan to the team! She is an MD/PhD student in OSU’s Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program (BSGP). We are so glad to have you!

Jasmine successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis

Dr. Jasmine Tuazon successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis, titled, “The Ikaros zinc finger transcription factor Eos as a novel regulator of STAT5 phosphorylation in CD4+ T helper cells”. She is now heading back to medical school to wrap up the last two years of the MSTP! Congratulations, Dr. Tuazon!

Robert receives co-authorships on recent Oestreich Lab publications

Our team would not be complete without lab manager and research assistant Robert Warren’s contributions to all our recent lab achievements, from cloning to genotyping to being our star mouse colony manager. As such, he has earned co-authorships on both the lab’s recent Nature Communications and Journal of Immunology publications. Congratulations, Rob!

Jasmine receives an NIAID F30 fellowship

Graduate student Jasmine Tuazon was awarded an NIH/NIAID Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research service F30 fellowship (impact score 10, percentile 2)! This award will be used to fund the remainder of her Ph.D. research studying Eos-STAT5 phosphorylation mechanisms in T cells, followed by a portion of her Med 3 year upon returning to medical school in 2024. Congratulations, Jasmine!

Srijana delivers a talk at the 2023 MI&I Retreat

At the 2023 MI&I Retreat at the Mohican Lodge and Conference Center, postdoctoral scientist Srijana Pokhrel gave a talk and presented a poster on her work studying the impact of IkZF factors on memory T cell populations. Way to represent, Srijana!

I2GP welcomes its first cohort of Ph.D. students


The Immunology and Immunotherapeutics Graduate Program (I2GP), directed by Dr. Oestreich, brought in their first class of Ph.D. students in Fall 2023. We are excited to see the great research and accomplishments from this group. Welcome!

Robert becomes certified personnel for MI&I hazardous shipping

Lab manager and research assistant Robert Warren was certified for hazardous shipping for all members of Microbial Infection and Immunity. This critical responsibility ensures that everyone in MI&I can safely send out samples and reagents as needed and keeps everything running smoothly. Thanks for all your help and initiative, Rob!

Devin successfully defends her Ph.D. thesis

Dr. Devin Jones successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis, titled, Regulation of Cytotoxic Programming in CD4+ T Cells by the Ikaros Zinc Finger Family of Transcription Factors. Congratulations, Dr. Jones! We are excited to see where you go next.