Beef Stroganoff

Beef Stroganoff, well-known underworld figure, is driving ten miles to rendezvous with his associates, Clams Marinara and Froglegs Sautee. It will be necessary for Beef to average 40 mph for the 10 miles in order to make the rendezvous on time. The first 5 miles are in town, and Beef averages 20 mph for those 5 miles. For the second 5 miles, which are in open country, how fast is Beef going to have to drive in order to get there on time? If he is late, his associates will divide up the loot without him.

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Coffee Break

Your boss took everyone to the Java Zone for a coffee break. You sneaked a look at the check and you see that she is paying $15.75 for the three sandwiches, seven cups of coffee, and one piece of pie that were ordered. The next time, the check was exactly $21 for four sandwiches, ten cups of coffee, and one piece of pie.

If you go back by yourself and have one sandwich, one cup of coffee, and one piece of pie, what will you pay?

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