Maximize Fraction, Bank Robber

You have just caught a bank robber and are about to collect a reward. The reward will be given to you according to this formula: Reward = and you can pick the values of x and y as follows:

x = -7, -2, 0, or 10;
y = -3, -2, 1, or 20.

Which values should you pick so that you maximize your reward?

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The Scale

As soon as wrestling practice was over, Augie jumped on the scale to see how his weight was doing. But Benny jumped on with him, so Augie couldn’t tell how much he weighed. All the boys could see was that their combined weight was 201 pounds. Then Benny pushed Augie off the scale so he could see about his own weight, but Chuckie jumped on next to Benny. The combined weight of those two was 226 pounds. Then Chuckie pushed Benny off, but Augie still wanted another try, so he jumped on with Chuckie. Their combined weight was 219 pounds. Then the coach chased them away from the scale. The boys remembered those three numbers, though, and they were able to figure out their individual weights. Can you do it too?

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