Repeated Division w/Remainders

N is a positive integer.
When N is divided by 3, the quotient is Q1 with remainder 1.
When Q1 is divided by 4, the quotient is Q2 with remainder 1.
When Q2 is divided by 5, the quotient is Q3 with remainder 1.
If Q1, Q2, and Q3 are positive integers, find the smallest possible value for N that will make all of this work.

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School Start Survey

A massive survey was conducted at school last week about changing the time school starts in the morning. Results indicated 415 of the 700 people said they’d be happy if school started later in the morning, 269 said they’d be happy if it started earlier, and 123 said they’d be happy either way as long as there was a change. How many people wanted no change at all?

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Five Students in Contest (Lies)

Five students, Annie, Barbara, Chris, Don, and Eleanor, took first through fifth place in a contest, but not necessarily in that order. They were chatting with you about it afterward, and they made the following comments:

Annie: Don was third.
Barbara: Eleanor was not first.
Chris: I was not last.
Don: Chris was lower than Barbara.
Eleanor: Barbara was second.

The comments of those who took first and second place are false; those of the others are true. Who won what prize?

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