Card Players Around a Table

Six men were sitting around a circular table playing cards: Alvin, Ben, Charlie, David, Edward, and Fred. One of the men is Alvin’s brother. Figure out who is Alvin�s brother, and place the men in their proper chairs, given that:

  1. Ben dealt the cards.
  2. Charlie is sitting across from Alvin.
  3. David is sitting opposite Alvin’s brother.
  4. The man sitting to the left of the man sitting next to the man sitting opposite Charlie is Edward.
  5. The man sitting next to the man sitting opposite Alvin’s brother is Fred.
  6. Fred is also sitting opposite the man sitting to the left of Alvin.

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Gunny Sacks

Here are three large gunny sacks, each tied at the mouth. Each sack has a label. One says baseballs, the next says grapefruit, and the third one says baseballs and grapefruit. The bags contain these things, all right, but the labels have been mixed up so that each label is wrong. You are allowed to point at one bag. I will open the bag and pull out one thing from the bag and show it to you. If you are clever in picking the sack to point at, you will learn enough from what I show you, that you can switch all three labels so they are correct. Tell which bag you will point at and show why your solution works.

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Two women, Arlene and Cheryl, and two men, Burton and David, are all good athletes. One plays tennis, one plays volleyball, one is a swimmer, and one plays golf. One day last week they were seated around a square table, one on each side, arranged as follows:

  1. The person who sat across from Burton was the tennis player.
  2. The person who sat across from David was not the swimmer.
  3. The person who sat on Arlene’s left was the volleyball player.
  4. The person who sat on Cheryl’s left was not the golfer.
  5. The swimmer and the golfer are husband and wife.

Who is the golfer?

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Security Guards

Four men — Jake, Deon, Fred, and Eddie — are watchmen in a small factory in Lorain. Their job consists of two daily shifts of six hours each, interrupted by a rest of several hours. At any hour of the day or night there must always be two men on duty. However, no two men’s shifts may end at the same time — it is not wise for both people on duty to begin their shifts simultaneously. Each shift has to begin on the hour. Except for these rules, the four men may agree among themselves on any schedule they want.

So they have a meeting at which they ask for the following privileges: Jake wants to start his first shift at midnight and would like to be off for the day by 4 pm. Fred wants to relieve Deon after Deon’s evening shift. Eddie has to be on the premises at 9 am to receive special instructions.

After some trial and error the four watchmen finally succeed at making out a shift schedule in accord with the regulations as well as their special wishes. What is the schedule?

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