Importing Truffles

Amy is in France buying truffles, which she will import to the US. At one quaint farm she buys x truffles at 3 for 10 euros, and at the next quaint farm she buys 2x truffles at 5 for 21 euros. What is the price per dozen at which she would need to sell the truffles she has bought so far in order to break even?

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Amy bought x truffles at € 10/3 each, and 2x at € 21/5 each. So she has x + 2x = 3x truffles, and she has spent:

We note that 3x truffles is x/4 dozen.

To find the break-even price per dozen, we divide the total cost by the number of dozens:

Amy should sell the truffles at 47 euros per dozen or 4 euros apiece.

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