Driving to Atlanta

Manzy’s car, that he had in the 1980’s, had a 24-gallon gas tank. When he started driving one morning with a full tank, heading for Atlanta, the odometer read 3208 miles. He drove for most of the day, having stopped at lunch to buy 5 gallons of gas. The gas gauge said exactly � of a tank at the point where the odometer read exactly 3668. He still had 130 miles of driving to do to get to Atlanta. Back then, gas cost only $1.09 per gallon, and he had only $2.00 left on him and no credit cards. Did he make it into the city? (Give all details.)

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Big organizational job! Manzy had gone 460 miles when he had 6 gallons left in his tank ( = 1/4 of the 24 gallon capacity). Thus he had used 18 gallons of the original gas he had, plus the 5 gallons he bought.

So he had gone 460 miles on 23 gallons; he was getting 20 miles per gallon.

Manzy still has to go 130 more miles and has 6 gallons of gas, which will take him 120 miles. But he also has $2, so he can buy enough more gas to get to Atlanta.

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