Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

On Earth Day, in Wilder Bowl, Emily had 30 tie-dyed t-shirts to sell at the rate of 3 for $20.00. Liz had 30 slightly fancier t-shirts to sell at the rate of 2 for $20.00. Emily suddenly got sick and asked Liz to sell her shirts for her. Liz agreed. Finding the difference in price a bit hard to keep track of, Liz decided to combine everything and sell all the shirts at 5 for $40.00, a reasonable decision. After everything sold out, which it did, Liz dropped off Emily’s $200. But then, to her surprise, instead of the $300 she expected to have left for herself, she had only $280. What happened to the other $20.00?

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  Emily (30 shirts) Liz (30 shirts) both (60 shirts)
at original price $6.67 (20/3) $10  
brings in $200 $300 $500
at new price (40/5) $8 $8  
  $240 $240 $480

Under Liz’s system, Emily’s shirts brought in $40 more, but Liz’s brought in $60 less.

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