Lookout Tower

Up in a forest fire lookout tower in California’s Sierra Nevada, Calvina and Carmela, the two watchers, need supplies. Three mules, led by ranch hand Jerry Milsaps, can carry supplies up to them. The mules are named Geranium, Delphinium, and Ammonium. Geranium can carry 200 pounds, Delphinium can carry 190 pounds, and Ammonium can carry 180 pounds. What supplies should each mule carry so that everything fits?

Drinking water 28 lb Batteries 61 lb
Ice 35 lb Detective novels 63 lb
Kitty litter 42 lb Window glass cleaner 77 lb
Camera equipment 44 lb Ping pong table 84 lb
Back-up telescope 48 lb Mountain Dew 88 lb

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Make many guesses (maybe put the numbers on small slips of paper). Eventually:

Geranium Delphinium Ammonium
water 28 ice 35 kitty litter 42
ping pong 84 cam. eq. 44 glass cleaner 77
Mt. Dew 88 telescope 48 batteries 61
200 novels 63 180

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