Highland Island 2 (C, P)

Back on Highland Island once again, you are out for a walk (you take a lot of walks), and you encounter three of the natives. You can’t tell whether each of them is a Chocolate (truth teller) or a Peach (liar). Forgetting that this won’t help you, you ask the first native what he is. He mumbles something that you can’t hear. The second native says, “He says he’s a Chocolate. He is one and I am too.” The third native speaks up immediately: “That’s not true. The first guy is a Peach, and I’m a Chocolate.” Who is what?

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You didn’t need to hear what the first native muttered. If he was a Chocolate, he said so. If he was a Peach, he lied and said he was a Chocolate. (No one will ever say, “I am a Peach.”) So the second native told the truth. “He says he’s a Chocolate.” That’s true, so the rest is true: “He is a Chocolate and I am too.” So he is. The third native’s statement, “That’s not true,” is thus false. “The first guy is a peach [false] and I’m a Chocolate [false]. So the first two natives are Chocolates and the third is a Peach.

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