Soccer Game Scores 1

Three soccer teams, A, B, and C, all play each other one game. Most of the data from the three games was lost by a careless clerk, including the score of each match. You, as sports editor, are alone in the copy room of the newspaper and must write up the scores of the games. Due to a sudden storm, telephone lines are down and so you will have to figure out these scores from the one piece of paper that the clerk did manage to get to you—and even IT has some figures missing. Use this sketchy information to figure out the scores of the three soccer games.

  played won lost tied goals for
(2-game total)
goals against
(2-game total)
A 2 1 ? ? 4 ?
B 2 ? ? ? 3 0
C 2 ? ? 1 2 ?

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The games were A-B, 0-3; A-C, 4-2; and B-C, 0-0.

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