The Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Optometry invite you to help us pilot a new assessment tool: EchoExam.

ExamSoft is the current digital assessment tool used, but it is no longer supported centrally by the University. We are therefore working to identify technologies that will support our efforts to provide accessible content to our students. Your input is highly valued.

EchoExam is

  • part of the Echo360 ‘echosystem,’ like echovideo (our video-hosting platform)
  • less expensive per user than ExamSoft
  • more accessible than ExamSoft

EchoExam offers

  • a variety of question types including essay questions, fill in the blank, multiple choice, numeric response, and accredited question types
  • increased efficiency with metadata tagging and auto-created question banks
  • full-range of device compatibility
  • connection to LMS and SIS (CarmenCanvas) to seamlessly export exam content and data to manage and measure performance at the course, class, and learner level
  • academic integrity with a secure browser lock, allowing access only to the exam and no other apps, windows, or screens
  • administration using multiple modalities via desktop, mobile devices or printed exams– offering flexibility for on-site, virtual, or hybrid testing
  • individualized test timers and questions to meet every learner at their level

Please join us for an introductory session on either of these dates.