Echo360 for LSI instructors

Videos for LSI are maintained and shared in Echo360.

Log into Echo360 (external link) with your OSU email address ( and the site-specific password you created for Echo360 (this password is not linked to shibboleth).

No account?  Request one at (external link).

Viewing Your Echo360 Course

  1. Open your Course (external link)
    1. Your Course videos may be organized as a Class List (external link), a list of TLMs with associated videos
  2. Review the Course content and organization to ensure accuracy and completeness:
    1. Do the lecture titles align with the Vitals schedule?
    2. Does your Echo course represent your Vitals schedule accurately and completely:
      1. No miscellaneous content,
      2. No duplicates, and
      3. The correct video for each TLM?
    3. Does the video have extraneous content that needs to be trimmed (e.g., silence or unrelated discussion at the beginning or end of the video)?
  3. Once approved, work with your Program Manager or Coordinator to release the Course to students.