Echo360 course checklist for LSI

The following checklist can be used by the LSI Program to prepare Courses in Echo360.

If you need a new course created for you in CarmenCanvas, the process is a little different. Please see below.

Courses in Echo360

  1. Submit request for Course to be created or copied in Echo360
  1. Add instructors (faculty and support staff) to the Course
    1. All instructors should be added with their OSU email address (
  2. Prepare Course content
    1. Add and remove Classes
    2. Add new videos for Classes that will be delivered asynchronously:
      1. Add the video to the appropriate Collection, then
      2. Add the video to the appropriate Class.
      3. All new videos should be added to the appropriate Collection for the Part and to the appropriate Course.
    3. Remove videos for Classes that will be delivered synchronously
      1. Course instructors are only able to remove videos that they own. If you do not own the video, delete and recreate the Class.
    4. Update the details for each Class
      1. Verify the Class title matches the TLM title on the Vitals schedule
      2. If appropriate, add or modify the date, time, and length of the TLM
  3. Organize Course content
    1. Organize the Classes into Class Groups
    2. Order the Classes by date
  4. Review Course with faculty
    1. Do the lecture titles align with the Vitals schedule?
    2. Does your Echo course represent your Vitals schedule accurately and completely:
      1. No miscellaneous content,
      2. No duplicates, and
      3. The correct video for each TLM?
    3. Does the video have extraneous content that needs to be trimmed (e.g., silence or unrelated discussion at the beginning or end of the video)? 
  5. Add students to the Course using their OSU email address (
  6. Create a Course link, and post to Vitals
    1. When creating the Course link, ensure the Role is Student and Permissions are Registered users only.
  7. As needed, update Course content with new videos and recordings of synchronous sessions.

Courses in CarmenCanvas