Echo360 (external link) is replacing MediaSite as the College of Medicine’s tool for recording and cataloging lectures. See more about this change here.

Echo360 is a cloud-based tool for recording, hosting, editing, and transcribing videos.  Echo360 provides:

  • built-in AI transcription,
  • built-in app for editing transcriptions,
  • built-in app for embedding interactive content into videos, such as quiz or discussion questions,
  • an LTI for integration with CarmenCanvas LMS,
  • a “lite” LMS (external link),
  • variable playback speed, and
  • robust analytics based on views and engagement.

All academic videos within Echo360 are automatically transcribed. 

Transcription and closed captions only need to be edited under two conditions:

  • The videos are used on an on-going basis (more than one semester)
  • There is a request from a student or Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) on behalf of a student

If your videos meet either of the aforementioned criteria, please submit a request to (external link). 

A student digital accessibility assistant (SDAA) will assist you in editing your transcripts.

Thank you for creating accessibility within the COM.