2023 College of Medicine Educational Research Stimulus Grant

Request for Proposals

Improving the Learning Environment: Promoting Inclusivity, Equity, and Access


In its strong encouragement and support of research in health sciences education, the College of Medicine seeks to fund educational research pilot projects that aim to understand or improve inclusivity, equity, access, and accessibility in health sciences education.

High quality research proposals on the following topics are strongly encouraged:

  • Outcomes of anti-racist initiatives
  • Learner well-being or mistreatment elimination
  • Facilitating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment
  • Promoting accessibility for all persons

Proposals that foster inter-professional and/or multi-institutional collaboration are strongly encouraged.

A total of $10,000 will be awarded to one or multiple projects.

Submissions are managed by the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship.  Please contact the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship at OCS@osumc.edu with questions or guidance related to this proposal.


The principal investigator (PI) for each project must be a faculty member from the College of Medicine (COM) at The Ohio State University. Faculty or staff from other Colleges and institutions are invited to collaborate.

Applicants may submit only one proposal as the Principle Investigator (PI). An applicant may be a Co-investigator or Key Personnel on other submissions.

The proposal may not be funded by other grant programs (institutional, regional, or national).

Proposal Submission Guidelines

Authors must use the application template (see below):

Proposals should not exceed three, single-spaced typed pages with 12-point font, 1-inch margins.

The proposal must address the following sections:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Title page*
  • Abstract* (250 words or less)
  • Project Proposal
    • Introduction (including rationale of the study, review of pertinent literature, and conceptual framework)
    • Study objectives
    • Methods
    • Anticipated outcomes
    • Budget
      1. Funds requested
      2. Brief narrative justification for each budget component
    • Qualifications of research team
  • References*

*Not included in the three-page limit

Key Dates

RFP releasedOctober 4, 2022
Proposals dueNovember 15, 2022 at 11:59pm EST
Notification of awardDecember 6, 2022
Funding period beginsDecember 6, 2022
Final Report dueJanuary 6, 2024


Proposals should be emailed as a single PDF attachment to the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship at OCS@osumc.edu by November 15, 2022

Enter “COM Educational Research Stimulus Grant – [YOUR LAST NAME]” in the subject line of the email.

Review Criteria

Applications will undergo competitive review and will be evaluated by educational research faculty and staff from the College of Medicine.

Each proposal will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Clear rationale and statement of the problem with appropriate reference to pertinent literature and a relevant conceptual framework
  • Appropriateness of methodology
  • Realistic and appropriate budget justification
  • Return on investment (i.e., dollars requested relative to projected impact)
  • Alignment of proposal to aims of RFP (i.e., inclusivity, equity, access, and accessibility) and potential to impact health sciences education
  • Adequacy of research team to complete project
  • Sustainability of the project post-funding

Budget Considerations

Budget cannot exceed $10,000 per project. 

Budget should include itemized costs and justification. Grant awards will only cover direct costs of conducting the research. 

Fundable Costs

Non-Fundable Costs

  • Temporary administrative or technical support to carry out the project (e.g., data entry, clerical support, or computer programming)
  • Supplies/expenses (e.g., duplication, mailings, survey instruments)
  • Data transcription
  • Reasonable incentives for participants
  • Hardware essential to conducting research (beyond that which is typically provided by an institution)
  • Direct payments to authors
  • Funding for release time
  • Indirect costs or fringe benefits
  • Publications fees
  • Costs related to attending or presenting research at a conference

Funds not spent must be returned to the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship within 60 days of the award end date.


The PI will submit a final report to the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship no later than January 6, 2024. The final report must include the following:

  1. Project progress
  2. Documentation of Institutional Review Board approval
  3. Obstacles encountered and their solutions
  4. Dissemination activities
  5. Budget report
  6. Copies of materials developed (including but not limited to educational materials, surveys, and manuscripts)
  7. Summary of scholarship and dissemination activities
  8. Sustainability plan (including future implementation plans and sources and amount of continued funding)

Requests for unfunded extensions must be submitted no later than November 30, 2023 and include a summary of progress and detailed justification for the extension.


All publications, presentations and/or products resulting from this project must acknowledge the “College of Medicine Educational Research Stimulus Grant” as the source of funding.

Each research team will present at the College of Medicine Annual Education Symposium (AES) in January 2024.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property of projects funded by the College of Medicine Educational Research Stimulus Grant remains with the investigator(s) and/or the research team, Department, College, or University per The Ohio State University’s Intellectual Property Policy (external link).