HPEER collaborative

The Health Professions Education and Education Research (HPEER) Collaborative is an online, interactive platform for members of the health professions community to crowdsource solutions, brainstorm innovations, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

The HPEER Collaborative is a fully online, asynchronous discussion board hosted in Microsoft Teams.

HPEER Collaborative infographic illustrating the three purposes of HPEER: (1) crowdsource ideas, tips, and resources for teaching and research; (2) brainstorm innovations and solutions; and (3) collaborate with people who have similar interests

join the collaborative!

Complete the intake form at go.osu.edu/JoinHPEER.

Monthly starting on October 1, 2022, a Wexner Medical Center leader will post discussion prompts. HPEER members can reply and discuss.

frequently asked questions

  • Who can be a HPEER member?
    • All OSU health professions faculty, staff, fellows, residents, and professional graduate students.
  • Why join HPEER?
    • The bold aspirations of the OSU Wexner Medical Center’s Strategic Plan behooves all of us to develop better skills as inclusive, innovative educators and educational researchers to ultimately benefit patients.
    • As an HPEER member, you will have access to:
      • Education and educational research resources,
      • A directory of HPEER members to identify potential collaborators
      • Discussion forums to pique your educational research interests and keep current with cutting-edge technology, instructional strategies, and educational research
      • Information about upcoming workshops related to education and educational technology
      • A network of like-minded professionals who can help you innovate and problem solve
  • What are the requirements of being an HPEER member?
    • The HPEER Collaborative is designed for you!  Participate in discussions and events as much or as little as you want and in a way that will help you achieve your instructional, research, and mentorship goals.
  • How do I participate in HPEER?
    • Complete the online intake form to get started, then…
      • Post questions about instructional or research challenges, new interventions, new technology, or new evaluation or research projects
      • Use the Directory to identify members with similar research interests to build a diverse, interprofessional research team
      • Respond to other members’ questions with solutions you have identified for instructional challenges
      • Search posts for previous discussions, questions, and solutions
  • Where is HPEER located?
    • HPEER is an online community accessible in Microsoft Teams.
  • How do I join HPEER?
    • Complete the online intake form, after which you will receive a code that you can use to join the Microsoft Team.