2024 AES Inaugural 3-Minute Thesis Competition

The Annual Education Symposium is hosting its inaugural 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition! The 3MT is an opportunity to articulate your research in front of an audience. The Challenge? You are only allowed to present in a static location, use a single slide or image, and have just three minutes to summarize your research. (See an exemplary example here.) 

About the 3MT

What is a Three-Minute Thesis competition? It is believed that to present a dissertation, one would need nearly nine hours. The 3MT presents the challenge of articulating your research in an interesting and compelling way—within 3 minutes. By participating in the 3MT, competitors are developing vital communication skills to explain their research in a succinct manner to non-specialists. 

Who is eligible to compete? This competition is open to all health sciences students, including those in the Veterinary Sciences, Optometry, Pharmacy, the College of Medicine, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and GME program residents. 

Competition format: There will be three rounds to this competition. The opening round will be held via video submission, in front of any static image or slide. These videos are due by Sunday, December 3 at 11:59 pm and must abide by the 3MT virtual format rules (see below).

Those selected to advance to the semi-finals and championship rounds will be notified in late December. Competitors will deliver their talks in person during the Annual Education Symposium on January 24, 2024 before a judging panel and a live audience on the BRT’s main stage.

Need an example to model? Visit this link to view exemplary 3MT presentations.

Grand prize: Pride, glory, merchandise, and/or a $100 gift card. The competition winner will have the recording of their presentation from AES shared on the Office of Curriculum and Scholarship’s website. 

How to Enter

Video applications are due December 3, 2023 at 11:59 pm. When you’re ready, please submit your video to this Sharepoint folder with the name “YourLastName_Presentation Title.” See details below to ensure that you are not disqualified!

First, record yourself giving your talk. You MUST include this slide at the beginning. You are then allowed ONE slide or image to accompany your actual presentation.


  • Must be filmed in a static location (no pacing the stage!) 
  • The presentation can only be delivered by one person (no group presentations). 
  • The presentation should be about YOUR research. 
  • Recording must be one take; no editing is permitted. (We recommend using Zoom to record your presentation.) 
  • A single static slide or image is permitted. No slide transitions, animations, or “movement” of any kind are allowed. The slide or image is to be presented from the beginning of the oration.  
  • No additional electronic media or props are permitted (e.g., sound and video files, laboratory equipment, costumes, musical instruments). 
  • Video must begin with 3MT title slide (separate from your presentation image or slide). Download it here.
  • Presentation cannot exceed 3 minutes. All presentations which exceed 3 minutes will be disqualified. 

Additional official rules and regulations can be found here, and you can download the scoring rubric here.

Tips for making a successful video: 

Additional resources to help prepare: Resource 1, Resource 2, Resource 3 

Finally, please know that video quality will not impact the score of a participant’s submission. However, this is an excellent guide to help ensure your success.