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registration accommodation language for live Zoom events

In the Description of your Meeting or Webinar, we suggest using this language:

“This event will be presented with automated closed captions. If you wish to request traditional CART services or other accommodations, please contact [contact name] at [contact email] or [xxx-xxx-xxxx]. Requests made by (date) will generally allow us to provide seamless access, but the university will make every effort to meet requests made after this date.”

The (date) should be 10 business days, or 15 days total, from the date of the event.

for Zoom events, automated captioning may be used in but the following circumstances (without the need for an exception):

  1. Events that are expected to have more than 200 participants
  2. Events that communicate critical legal, financial, or medical information
  3. Events that communicate timely information or that require immediate follow-up action by participants
  4. Events whose participants are known to require captions or that are focused on disability-related topics

File for an accommodation-based exception (external link) for your events with the ADA office.

Hire a Captioning Supplier (external link) – This is where you find information on how to hire an approved 3rd party vendor for your closed caption needs.  These vendors are in Workday and can be paid with a PO.

other resources (internal)

Digital Accessibility Center (external link) – Run by OCIO and ADA to provide digital accessibility resources and support for OSU faculty, students, and staff.

Student Life Disability Services (external link) is a resource for all of your student-based functions and programming, where a student with identified needs can obtain resources for accessibility.

View our video resources here.

other resources (external)

How to meet WCAG 2.1 requirements for digital accessibility: a quick guide (external link)

A DigitalGov playlist on YouTube: accessibility literacy, and how-to videos (external link)

alternative text

Social Security Administration Guide: Alternate text for images (external link)

Level Access: QUICK TIPS FOR: Meaningful Alt Text for Pictures & Portraits (external link)