Upstate Bias Checklist

The College of Medicine is committed to developing and delivering unbiased curricula and learning encounters that are identity-inclusive, recognize intersectionality, and promote accurate, evidence-based reflection on the roles our unique identities and experiences have in shaping healthcare, access to care, and health outcomes.

The Upstate Bias Checklist was developed by Dr. Amy Caruso Brown and adapted for The Ohio State University College of Medicine. The checklist is intended to stimulate reflection regarding how race, gender, and other indicators are represented in health professions education.  The checklist was designed to facilitate evaluation of a particular piece of health professions education content, such as a lecture, standardized patient encounter, small group session, or written examination.

For more information about the Checklist, visit Amy Caruso Brown’s Upstate Bias Checklist website

the manual

the checklist



Members of the LSI Curricular Review Task Force should complete the following steps:

  1. Review the Checklist Manual
  2. Download the Checklist
  3. Review the assigned curricular content and complete the Checklist
  4. Submit your Checklist


The College of Medicine is in the process of completing a comprehensive review of existing curricular content for biased material. As part of this process, we welcome input from students in real time as they engage with the materials via this Qualtrics survey. Feedback can be shared anonymously, but we encourage students to provide an email so that we can follow up with questions. 

In addition, any interested students are invited to complete the checklist (see above).

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