Research Projects and Other Tidbits

M3 June (2023) Presentation: Model Typology and Demonstration for Over-dispersion and Extra-zeros in Multilevel Models for Discrete Count Data

  • presentation here
  • typology here
  • simulation Rcode here
  • Example 1 data here and Rcode here (multilevel Poisson, Negative Binomial, and Generalized Poisson)
  • Example 2 data here and additional info here
    • Rcode for multilevel zero-inflated P and NB2 models, and Hurdle (P-P and P-NB) here

MWERA (2022) PresentationOn extra-dispersion in clustered count models: A brief tutorial

Our book is out!

  • O’Connell, AA., McCoach, DB., & Bell, BA (Eds.) (2022). Multilevel Modeling Methods with Introductory and Advanced Applications. Information Age Publishing.  link to IAP

MSU presentation: Working with Multilevel Models for Count Data, 2/1/2022

More coming soon… till then, here’s my CV, and a pic of my pups, Malaika and Crissy!



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