Call for Papers:  1st Annual National Conference on Educational Assessment

  • Ethiopian Educational Assessment and Examination Service (EAES website and conference poster)
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  • Thematic Areas:
    • Measuring Learning Potential: Promoting Continuous Classroom Assessment for Student Progress and Success
    • Building Bridges: Fostering Government Stakeholders and Development Partners Engagement in Educational Assessment
    • Educational Assessment and International Experiences to Promote Students’ Success for an Interconnected World: Practices, Opportunities and Challenges
    • Transforming Large-scale Assessments and Examinations: Innovations, Challenges and Best Practices

AAU Joint Conference on Education in Emergencies in East Africa: Implications for Sustainable Development, May 26 and 27, 2022

QMC22 Presentation and References (Challenges and impacts of school closures on data quality for the Ethiopian NEAEA)

Spring 2022 AAU/OSU Knowledge Exchange flyer


Since 2011, I’ve been teaching courses in statistics and research methods at Addis Ababa University (AAU), in Ethiopia. I received a Fulbright Scholar award from 2013-14 during which I taught and worked with faculty and graduate students at the College of Education and Behavioral Studies (CEBS) at AAU, and continue to do so. I also provided trainings and workshops at Jimma University, University of Gondar, and Mekele University. While in Addis, my children attended the American International Community School. Living in Ethiopia was a powerful and amazing experience for all of us.

Ohio State and our College of Education and Human Ecology has a formal MOU and partnership with AAU/CEBS. We  have hosted several faculty for short and long-term visits. OSU faculty and graduate students have participated in research activities, taught courses or workshops at AAU, and continue to participate in research and methods capacity activities. Building opportunities for collaborative research and research methodology are primary areas of our partnership.

Current projects include a survey of methodology training and research experiences at AAU and impact of disruptions due to Covid (with Rebecca Garabed and Laura Joseph (OSU)), and an Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) project (with Laura Justice, Jackie Goodway, and Arya Ansari (OSU) involving training of AAU graduate students on the TIPPS and IDELA, and classroom observations of ECE programs in and around Addis.

Our AAU/OSU network is expanding! Please get in touch if you would like to become involved in teaching, training, and research opportunities at AAU or within other major universities in Ethiopia.