The Ohio Bat Working Group is a collaborative effort between multiple partners. The following are current committee members, those responsible for organizing and facilitating the annual working group meeting:

    • Marne Titchenell, Wildlife Program Specialist, Ohio State University Extension
    • Sarah Stankavich, Fat Bat Project Coordinator, Bat Conservation International
    • Katrina Schultes, Forest Biologist, USDA Forest Service
    • Melissa Moser, Grants Administrator, ODNR – Division of Parks and Watercraft
    • Erin Hazelton, Wind Energy Administrator, ODNR – Division of Wildlife
    • Jeff Brown, Senior Ecologist, Environmental Consultant
    • Eileen Wyza, Wildlife Biologist, ODNR – Division of Wildlife

The Ohio Bat Conservation Plan

The Ohio Bat Working Group was also instrumental in writing the Ohio Bat Conservation Plan in 2018. The Ohio Bat Conservation Plan is a collaborative effort to guide bat conservation in the state of Ohio through habitat management, research, and education. Currently, various members of the working group are implementing the goals and objectives of the plan. Several committees have been formed to focused on the different sections:

Habitat Management Committee
The habitat management committee focuses on land protection and management with the goal of preserving and/or creating appropriate bat habitat on public and private lands.

Research Committee
The research committee focuses on identifying knowledge gaps that should be addressed to more effectively promote bat conservation, as well as implementing long-term monitoring efforts.

Education and Outreach Committee
The education/outreach committee focuses on creating bat-related materials for use by both educators and the public. The group also promotes bat-related events happening around the state.

If you have an interest in joining a committee, please contact Sarah Stankavich at Sarah.Stankavich@dnr.state.oh.us. 

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”¬†–Helen Keller