Habitat Management

Are you interested in managing for bats on your property? Check out the below resources on forest management, bat houses, and conflict management.

Forest Management for Bats

Before management takes place, landowners and land managers should have a management plan in place. Contact a natural resource professional to help in the creation of the plan and objectives. These professionals perform a site visit with the landowner and offer advice on best management practices, as well as information on opportunities for financial assistance to help achieve management goals.

We strongly recommend consulting with a forester before any harvesting takes place – use Call Before You Cut (877-424-8288) or contact an individual from the above list.

Bat Houses

Placing a bat house on your property can be a great way to provide habitat to bats.

What else can you do?

  • Plant a bat garden with native plants that attract food for bats!
  • Consider using less pesticides that impact insect populations (aka bat food).
  • Consider less lighting around your backyard at night.

For help with these suggestions, watch this 4-minute video by ODNR, Division of Wildlife’s Sarah Stankavich on creating bat gardens and other bat-friendly backyard suggestions.