Bat Week

In 2019, Ohio government recognized National Bat Week. National Bat Week is every year from October 24th – October 31st. National Bat Week is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature and raise awareness about the need for bat conservation.¬† Visit the National Bat Week’s website at for more information on bats and how to take action not matter where you are.

Ohio Bat Week Video Series:

Ohio Bat Working Group members have created a series of videos for Bat Week and beyond! These videos were created to address a variety of topics related to bats in Ohio with the intent to aid educators in preparing and delivering bat programs. We hope you find them helpful!

Special thanks to Sarah Stankavich, Danielle Thompson, Melissa Proffitt, Cindy Maravich, Tammy O’Neil, Marne Titchenell, Rick Shears, and the Education and Outreach Committee for the creation of these videos.

2022 Bat Week Events

Bat Week is October 24-31 every year! Do you have events for bat week that you would like us to share here? If so, email Marne Titchenell (

  • Looking for an in-person opportunity to learn about bats?
    • Check out your local park district’s line-up of educational programs.
    • The Ohio Wildlife Center offers bat programs for adults and kids. Contact Rebecca Rose, Conservation Liaison for the Ohio Wildlife Center at: for more information and to schedule your program.
    • Reach out to your County Extension or SWCD office for any upcoming wildlife events.