Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting was on January 25, 2022. Recordings of the meeting’s morning and afternoon presentations are below. Use the posted times to navigate to the different presentations.

A little bit about our annual meeting….

OBWG’s annual meetings are primarily targeted at professional biologists and land managers, researchers, environmental contractors, educators, and university students. The meetings are open to everyone, but our content is science- and education-based. The intent of these meetings is generally to share agency updates related to bat management and research, research projects and results, education materials and opportunities, and to provide networking opportunities for professionals and students.

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2022 Annual Meeting

2022 Ohio Bat Working Group Meeting Agenda – January 25, 2022

Recording of Morning Presentations

00:11:30 – Bat Responses to Management in Hardwood Forests – Joy O’Keefe, Illinois State University

01:08:06 – Three Winters of Traditional and Non-traditional Hibernacula Surveys in Ohio – Joe Johnson,  Ohio University

01:37:26 – Building Partnerships through Bat Conservation – Kathryn Conner, Hueston Woods State Park

02:00:36 – Fat Bat Program – Sarah Stankavich, Bat Conservation International

Recording of Afternoon Presentations

00:00:10 – Update on Ohio Bat Blitz – Jeff Brown, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.

00:16:15 – Detecting Bat Occurrence with Environmental DNA from Water-filled Road Ruts in Upland Forests – Nathaniel Marshall, Stantec Consulting, Ltd.

00:41:17 – Lightning talks Session

  • Collaboration with Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to Enhance Bat Care, Research, and Conservation – Rachel Handy, Oregon State University
  • Acoustic Surveys are an Important Supplement to Visual Surveys of Winter Habitat for Bats – Lucille Williams, Ohio University
  • Spring Migration of Little Brown (Myotis lucifugus) and Tricolored (Perimyotis subflavus) Bats in Ohio – Mattea Lewis, Ohio University (presented by Joe Johnson)
  • Summary of Over Ten Years of Acoustic Data from Driving Transects Across Ohio – Gregg Janos, Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc

01:13:57 – Agency Update – ODNR, Division of Wildlife – Erin Hazelton

01:18:00 – Agency Update – USFWS – Angela Boyer

01:26:34 – Agency Update – USDA, Forest Service – Katrina Schultes


Past Meetings

2020 Virtual Ohio Bat Working Group Meeting – January 28
Ohio Working Group 2021 Meeting Agenda
Recording of Morning Presentations
Recording of Afternoon Presentations