Dag Tretten: Work, rest, and rainbows

Work, rest, and rainbows

Dag Tretten!

Oh, what a time! Since the last time we spoke we have done so much. We took an amazing trip to Aurland Fjords, completed our clinical rotation at the elder care center, and enjoyed rest and relaxation at the Oslo Spa. My favorite part was spending time in the mountains, recharging and resting. I also loved speaking with the residents of the elder care facility, many of them were so excited to practice English and tell their stories. I spent my time listening the life stories of a diplomat, old professor, distinguished nurse of 40 years, poet and author, as well as the grandson of a famous Norwegian classical composer. Their stories were so rich with purpose, community, and family. There were several differences between how we perform elder care in the US versus the Norwegian system. There were differences in universal precautions compared to the US.  In the US we often wear gloves for vital sign and touching patients even just to touch their hands. This differed in Norway as one would not wear gloves for human touch.  Nursing Students also have a  great deal of autonomy and check in with experienced nurses periodically throughout the day. Norwegian nursing schools are continually improving education on nursing assessment and skills (SDG #4).

Today most of our time was spent finalizing our community project, souvenir shopping, and exploring more of the city. While exploring the city I noticed a muted preparation for P.R.I.D.E. which I was told for this society is progression. Speaking with students from Norway I was told in the past people were very private about their lives and often shied away from conversations about sexual orientation. In recent years this has moved more to the forefront of society (SDG #10). 🌈

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