Day 2 in Oslo, Norway – Beauty, Charm, & Happiness

In Norway the Sustainable Developmental Goals #3, “Good Health and Well-Being” and #6, “Availability and Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation for All” are evident and will be further explained in my post.

Today’s Norway experience was a wonderful trip to Oslo’s largest parks called Frognerparken and Vigelandsparken. The trip took me about 20 minutes to get there from my hotel and when I arrived to the park, I was so amazed by the multitude of people enjoying leisure and bonding time with families and friends. The park was pretty large in size with beautiful gardens and over 200 ancient statues. Many people were out jogging and walking and others, like myself, were strolling relishing in an art walk which confirms why Norway’s promotion of good health and well-being is truly embedded into its rich culture and society. In Norway, the local government is the chief promoters of health and disease prevention. The local government regulate and manage healthcare policies and activities designed to prevent diseases and promoting healthy behaviors. Nevertheless, I understand the people of Norway truly identify and realize their aspiration to reach a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Good health and well-being are seen as a resource for everyday life and firmly rooted in its culture which I observed today throughout my stroll in Frognerparken and Vigelandsparken Park.

Accordingly, Norway has universal access to safe water system which provides all citizens with clean drinking water. The country has stringent legislation relating to water pollution and emissions of hazardous substances. Since I arrived to Oslo, Norway, I have consumed so much water from their “tap” which has been nothing but a delicious and tasteful experience. The water in Oslo is so cool and refreshing, clean-tasting without a mineral or chemical after taste. To be honest, drinking water in Oslo taste so much better than bottled water. In Norway, the government eliminated the dumping of wastes, with legislation and national waste management systems protecting water from contamination. Therefore, their availability of adequate and safe water proves Norway’s efforts to include water and sanitation components in their overall health and wellness.


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