Day 9- Happy Pentecost! 

Today is the national holiday of Pentecost a.k.a Whit Sunday, here in Norway! This is a Christian holiday that occurs 50 days after Easter and commemorates the belief that the Holy Ghost descended upon the disciples of Jesus Christ. Norway has historically been a Christian country, so Pentecost is a public holiday and is observed by many shops and businesses closing in celebration. The streets are pretty empty today in Oslo, so it is common for Norwegians to spend time doing activities outdoors, and many of the students did the same!

Since we had the weekend off from LDUC and clinical practice, lectures and clinical, one student completed an 8 mile hike up to the Skjennungstua restaurant only to be rewarded with a delicious cinnamon roll!

Other students went to the gorgeous Sognsvann Lake, a popular camping and fishing destination. They hiked 4 miles, and of course stopped to enjoy the scenic views!

We were all pleasantly surprised at the number of outdoor activities available to do in Oslo. In a children’s park very close to our hotel, we discovered a beautiful sculpture promoting environmental sustainability goal #11 to “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. Akerselva, a river nearby has not only a self-guided walking tour, but an outdoor gym! The amount of beautiful outdoor spaces available encourages citizens to walk, exercise, and enjoy the fresh air. This health promotion technique reminded me of the sustainable development goal #3 to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”.


Julia, Sharie, and I ended our Sunday by eating, studying, and doing some much needed laundry at the local Café Laundromat! Café Laundromat was thankfully open during the holiday today and has a variety of great food, as well as washers and dryers available in the back for public use! Overall, we all enjoyed our Sunday in Oslo and soaked up the amazing culture that Norway has to offer!











Best wishes from Oslo!