Day 11 – GENERASJONS SANG ( Generation Song)

Today was our first official clinical day at Lovisenberg Omsorg+ which started off with a tour acquainting us the community.  The facility’s mission statement is “Thoughtful Solutions and Quality at all Levels” which is evident in the purposeful social activities and programs that community members can engage in. One thing that I found very interesting is the “Dagaktivitet” which means Daytime Activity Room. Here the community members can relax and enjoy fresh air and sunlight while socializing. This room offers vibrant colors and a space for gardening which the community thoroughly enjoys. We spent the morning socializing, reminiscing and with those in the daytime activity room while they enjoyed their morning coffee, practiced their English with us, explored the garden, solar fountain pump and the great views from the roof. Norway does a great job at implementing SDG #11 “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. gardening initiatives such as urban gardening and rooftop gardening helps to contribute to the creating sustainability for the country. This can help to improve the urban ecosystem, enhance air quality, and reduce the heat island effect.  Gardening also fosters community engagement, social cohesion, and a sense of belong for all. The residences at Lovisenberg Osmorg+ thoroughly enjoys gardening as it is a way for them to socialize not only among themselves but also with the environment.



        We are excited to be here today!                                   Solar Water Fountain.



            Daytime Activity Room                   View from the roof of Omsorg+



                                          Beautiful Gardening for Omsorg+ Residence


We accompanied the Osmorg+ community members to the Generation Song event at Lovisenberg church. Parents alongside their infants hosted a family choir concert and invited the Osmorg+ community to join and sing along with them. Norway does a great job of implementing the Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages  (, 2016). SDG #3 is crucial as it promotes well-being and works to reduce inequalities worldwide. Norway also actively promotes SDG#3 by offering comprehensive universal healthcare, reducing maternal and child mortality rates, participating in global efforts to prevent and control diseases and encouraging health education and promotion across the lifespan. Today at Omsorg+ meeting the SDG#3 goal was evident throughout the day as many of the purposeful activities promoted mental health and well-being for not only the infant-preschooler population but also the college students, staff, and the elder population in attendance.



Today’s family choir events!!



Lovisenberg Church                                   Omsorg+ members, parents and infants gathering for the event


Individuals of all ages participating and singing along


Affairs, M. of F. (n.d.). Norway’s follow-up of agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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