Day 7 in Oslo: one week down!

We went to the nursing home today.  Our group baked waffles and planted flowers with the residents at the nursing home.  It was a beautiful day outside and supposed to be the warmest day of the trip!  The residents at the nursing home really enjoyed the sunshine and company. After lunch, our group took them to the park. It was nice to see how Norwegian culture promotes independence for their citizens. We were allowed to walk with them to a park and get them out for a little. Their staff really appreciated us being an extra set of hands to allow the residents to go to the park.  We pushed them in wheelchairs and walked beside those that needed the help. We had to climb up a hill to get to the park, but we had ice cream and got to see a beautiful view at the top. For dinner, a group of us met up with some of the Norwegian nursing students and went to the restaurant Oslo street food.  They had numerous food stands with a lot of food from different cultures.  It was nice to go out around town with the Norwegians and find a fun and new place.  I felt like I was living like a local!

The clinical activity of the day fit public health competency 5A6 in that it, “engages community members (e.g., focus groups, talking circles, formal meetings, key informant interviews) to improve health in a community” (The Council on Linkages Between Academia and Public Health Practice, 2014).  In addition to baking waffles and planting flowers with the elders, we just took the time to talk to them.  We served them coffee and tea and listened to their stories they were eager to tell.  They were so happy to go to the park and have an ice cream party at the top.  Many of them would not have gotten away from the nursing home if we hadn’t been there helping to assist them.  All these activities truly engaged the elders and gave them stimulation they need to be in good spirits.  We did meaningful activities to them and had fun along the way.  We promoted their independence which is crucial to their well-being and health.

Our clinical day at the nursing home followed Sustainable Development Goal number three, good health and well-being (United Nations).  I think we promoted health and well-being by interacting with the residents.  We not only had a great time, but also gave purpose to the residents lives.  A lot of elders get depressed because they feel they are no longer needed in society.  I think our activities were a great way to provide joy in their lives and keep them busy.  We took the time to talk to them and it was the highlight of their day. Good spirits lead to good health!  We also got them walking outside to the park.  Being outside can really boost your spirits.  Also, these residents worked on their physical fitness and got their steps in as we certainly had quite a hill to climb to get to the park!

I am in the pediatric primary care specialty of our program.  My favorite part of the day was learning that the nursing home did activities pairing residents and children together.  I thought this was a brilliant way to keep the life in the residents alive and boost their spirits.  The nursing home did a great job of providing meaningful activities to the residents to give them a high quality of life.  Many women in their old age have very high maternal instincts and this is a perfect way to bring this out in them. The pool at the home even hosted swimming lessons for babies. Having that interaction between youth and the elders can provide well needed stimulation to keep the minds of the residents sharp and well.  The children also benefit by getting the extra attention and love from the residents  they need.  I want to provide this kind of care in my future practice as a pediatric primary care nurse practitioner.  I will think of innovative ways to make sure the kids I take care of are healthy emotionally. The care you get as a child will provide the foundation for the rest of your life.  Neglect can damage a child forever, and I want to make sure the children I work with are happy and healthy!






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Oslo street food

Norwegian waffle we made!

view from the roof of the nursing home