Exec Board

President: Lindsey Trank

Favorite brain fact: Albert Einstein’s brain had an equal amount of neurons, but many more glia cells than the average human brain, especially in the association cortex involved with imagination and complex thinking.

Vice President: Julie Hoeflinger

Favorite brain fact: The Proust effect is the ability for smell to evoke lost memories. Unlike all other senses, olfactory neurons have direct access to the amygdala and are able to trigger memories that have been forgotten.

Secretary: Abby Kilpatrick 

Favorite brain fact: Information from neuron to neuron can travel as fast as 250 mph.

Treasurer: Khuslen Erdenebat 

Favorite brain fact: “Visual agnosia is a neurological condition where a person can’t recognize faces of even their relatives or of everyday objects. This causes them to confuse people with inanimate objects without them knowing.”

Service Chair: Yaheya Idris

Favorite brain fact: The blood vessels in the brain are almost 100,000 miles long.

Inductions Officer: Rahul Manne

Favorite brain fact: The human brain has the capacity to generate 23 watts of power when we are awake.

Academic Chair: Collin Todd

Favorite brain fact: “There are more possible neural connections in the brain, then there are atoms in the universe.”

Marketing Chair:  Grace Poturalski

Favorite brain fact: The brain doesn’t have pain receptors, therefore can’t actually feel pain.




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