Summer Undergraduate Research (Zoom) – March 31st (7:30pm – 8:00pm)

Third year, Joselle Carillo, gave a very informative presentation on undergraduate research options and her personal experience with research. Unfortunately, with what is currently going on, many of these opportunities are not going to be held during this summer but possibly this information will help me for next year if I’m interested in engaging in summer research. This past summer she embarked on the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SRAP) at the University of Michigan where she did research in conjunction with the Psychology and Pharmacy departments. She did cognitive research with older individuals that had type 2 diabetes who were possibly at risk of developing Alzheimers. She mentioned how her research was seeing the correlation between this and cognitive aging dysfunction which I thought was really interesting. 

When trying to do research, it is important to find a program or a professor that is doing research that is somewhat of interest to what someone wants to research. Although it may not be their first choice, like she mentioned, at least finding something that is somewhat of interest and then once the lab starts you may be able to input research ideas you have. I think it is amazing that the program she engaged in did not limit her abilities and allowed her to personalize her experience. Also, I like how she encouraged us to not let rejection affect us, although she was talking about research this could apply to applying for grad school, internships, etc. Always having different options available and not allowing rejection to get to you is important and I will take that advice going forward with my professional and academic career.