Taste of OSU (Campus) – February 21st (5:00pm – 8:30pm)

Taste of OSU is an event that is held annually. It typically takes place during the spring semester by the Office of International Affairs. It is an evening of festivities, performances, food, and various cultural exhibits that really allow different peoples to come together and learn about various other cultures. This event is free and open to the public which allows for anyone to experience this amazing and well put together event. 

There are two different components for Taste of OSU: the performances and the food. This year there were 51 of OSU’s student organizations that took part showcasing their cultures through food and/or performance. Members of countries from 6 of the 7 continents were represented, allowing for a diverse group of representation. Many students are part of student orgs that work hard to advocate and teach others about their culture, religion, etc and at Taste of OSU you learn how unique each group of people are. 

There were so many different types of foods showcased from Indian food to Puerto Rican food to Somali Food, there were really plenty of amazing samples that students could divulge in! Food tickets were one dollar each and it allowed you to try a sample of food you were interested in. I tried a few different samples and one of my favourites was the rice and chicken that I tried from  the Urdu club. Rice and chicken is one of my favourite foods from my own culture and it was amazing to see how someone from a different culture could make it feel like a completely different dish. Each country had amazing foods with unique textures, spices, etc and I really enjoyed trying some of them for the first time. 

The performance portion was also a very amazing experience that somehow gets better each year. There were students doing their cultural dances, playing cultural instruments, and really showcasing a mixture of modern and traditional performances. I enjoyed each one and the uniqueness of them. From the energy of the Argentine tango to the melodic Chinese Folk Music Orchestra, you could really see the passion and love they put into their performances. The perfromances were all great but I really enjoyed the Palestinian organizations danke dance the most. The history of the Dabke dance and what it symbolizes really is something that drew me to it. From doing a paper on this levantine dance last semester, it really amazed me to see these students showcase it so well. The dance is done with a group and each member dances through the steps together, showing the sense of community and love that this dance can provide not for the people who do it. 

I think Taste of OSU was executed really well this year, just like it has in the years prior. They always seem to find ways to improve on the show and execution and they really showcase the different cultures in such a great way. I hope to attend this show each year and continuously learn more about the various different cultures represented on campus. 


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