Denman Undergraduate Research Forum(Academic) – February 20th(12:00 – 5:00 p.m.)


I got to attend the Denman Undergraduate Research forum and it was a pretty amazing event. There were, what felt like, hundreds of students in many rows with their tri-fold posters and energetic faces. So many other students, professors and professionals in their respective fields were in attendance to see what research ideas and results all of these students were able to come up with. For many students this is their first year presenting and for others it may be their 4th, but I honestly could not even tell the difference.  Everyone I was able to talk to had very intellectual and passionate reasons for choosing their particular topics and were really excited to share their hypothesis and all the findings they had.

Although I got to go around and see the different posters and briefly talk with the many of the students, I was very interested in one of the students studies and talked more in depth with her. I got to speak with Vickey Jin who is an accounting major here at OSU and she did her research on what high end brands and quick fashion brands can do to increase their social media presence.

“Social media is becoming bigger and bigger as the years go one and many successful businesses greatly benefit by having social media as a way to interact with their customers about deals, special events, new arrivals, etc. Instagram, specifically, is the most popular social media site for sharing videos and photos with about half a billion users each day, so the purpose of my research is to test Instagram users’ responses toward the posts shared by different types of fashion brands and to offer posting recommendations for companies to maximize their brand presence on Instagram,” Jin stated.
Jin explained to me that her study method was “longitudinal”  which allows for her to collect data from the same Instagram posts of two fashion brand types ,Quick Fashion and High End, for 60 days. She was able to gain access to this population through fashion brands that are recognized on Instagram  and that are also able to be publicly viewed. Everything from the post type (video or picture; ads or non-ads), date, number of likes and comments was recorded each day for 60 total days. Each comment that she was recording was categorized under each of the following 5 categories: talking to the company, talking to friends; commenting on the  actual product; commenting on the picture they see/model, and finally revealing things about one’s self. For this she mainly focused on the number of posts that fall under each of the above categories being recorded.

The first thing she started with was creating mean tables that she used to generate and determine the nature of the uploaded posts and how it affects the above 5 categories. Then she created correlation tables to determine what the correlation between the 5 factors and number of comments/likes of high end brand and quick fashion brand. So then, based on the significance test, she was able to draw a conclusion on how ads and pictures are able to affect the amount of comments and likes a company can potentially receive.

As for Jin’s results, the correlation tests  were able to show that for high end brands, the comment on the product and reveal about one’s self factors are relatively highly correlated with the number of comments and number of likes. For quick fashion brands, talk to company, comment on the product, and reveal about one’s self show a relatively strong relationship to number of comments and number of likes. The significance tests were able to help determine how the nature of the posts affect the 5 factors and what kind of post will help high end brands and quick fashion brands to maximize their brand presences on Instagram.

It was amazing to think that Jin, and the rest of the students there,  were able to come up with such interesting topics. Jin focused on the positive role social media can have for companies and since we live in the day of technology, utilizing it will benefit already established companies and even start-ups. I am glad to have went to this event and will use what I learned from all the students to come up with my own research hypothesis.