IA Mini Involvement Fair (Non-IA Event) – October 25th (5:30-7:00 PM)

I attended the IA Mini Involvement fair and I am extremely happy that I did. I was considering not attending because I attended the involvement fair earlier in the year and I already met many of the organisations that was said to be there. The problem, though, was I was so overwhelmed with the huge selection of clubs and organizations at the involvement fair. I received so many emails and and left with so many fliers and free trinkets that I ended up only joining one club which was the Eritrean/Ethiopian club, only because I know everyone there and that is the country where I am from. It’s is nearly ⅔’s of the way into the semester and I feel like I should get involved into more clubs related to my major and also orgs that focus on service. I came to the Mini-IA fair expecting to find at least one club that would maybe be of my interest, but I would soon find out I found the student org of my dreams.

Prior to this mini involvement fair, I was searching through OSU’s student activities site to find clubs of my interest. I searched and searched hoping to find a student organization that was similar to my favourite club in high school, OMUN. Ohio Model United Nations (OMUN) is probably the reason why I decided to major in International Studies and why I also decided to join International Affairs scholars. Getting to represent a country and taking on their identity and trying to understand their cultural, environmental, socio-economic problems, really is what interests me the most. Also being able to debate was a big thing for me as well. In my high school debating over certain topics was seen by other students as me trying to “argue” with them and they would get defensive. In OMUN though, I was able to debate with students who understood the importance of debate and who had the same passions as myself. So when I finished high school, I knew that I would need to find a student organization that embodied that same atmosphere as well.

Through the website, though, I did not see any clubs that was labeled OSU’s United Nations Club, or something of the sort, so I thought we didn’t have one. I was considering creating it myself until I came to the involvement fair and talked to NIck, who I later found out was the president of OSU’s equivalent of the Ohio Model United Nations’ club I was involved in high school. I was ecstatic to finally find a club I would truly be passionate about and he could tell I was passionate as well. We talked for a while about goals and interests in working in the United Nations and foreign service and I knew I had to join this club immediately. I guess he could tell I was really passionate about what I was talking about, so he invited me to a United Nations seminar they were having the Sunday following the IA involvement fair. He encouraged me to also go to their meetings and told me they were preparing for different competitions that put them up against schools like Harvard, Princeton, and other highly ranked universities. Everything about this club is what I truly enjoy and am passionate about, and I cannot wait to finally get more involved! I am honestly grateful for this involvement fair because I would have otherwise not found the perfect club for me!