Commencing New Research

First, investigators or key personnel should meet with members of NPASR to discuss the details of the proposed work. This form contains essential information we discuss during a typical consultation, in addition to other items of interest, and we recommend you have it on hand for the first consultation. Based on this information, NPASR can determine feasibility, provide a recommended strategy and cost estimate. Should you choose to move forward, the next steps would be to submit the order using the eRAMP system and to dispatch the samples to NPASR. Samples submitted to NPASR should be accompanied by a printed sample manifest containing sample identifiers and complete contact information of the PI and requestor, including the eRAMP order number if the order has already been initiated.

Links to eRAMP Instructions

  1. Placing an order if you have active OSU credentials
  2. Non-OSU Affiliates:
    1. Creating an account in eRAMP
    2. Placing an order in eRAMP

If your project will involve the analysis of human, animal, or infectious materials

  1. You must also provide the IRB or IUCAC approved protocol number and approval date, the PI who is the investigator on the approved protocol or the exemption information.
  2. If the protocol was approved at another institution, there must be an inter-institutional agreement before we can accept the samples.
  3. We can only accept BSL1 or BSL2 samples.

Please contact us for any questions or to set up a consultation.