An artifact that is note worthy even in my young adulthood would be my experience as working as an intern for the Cleveland Museum of Art. The fact I was able to to work as an intern at such a young age was so monumental to me. It taught me how to observe and give a deeper meaning to real world experiences while allowing my creativity to flow. I had never been good at art and never even thought I would be able to It taught that being a leader is a team effort that thrives the most when surrounded by a s supportive network of creative minds. The creative minds I was surrounded by in the Teen Coop allowed me to film a video relating an artwork to the complex emotions I was feeling in my social life. In the photo, this is actually a still of the video I was able to create with one of my favorite tapestries hanging behind me. Until this moment I had never truly  had the courage to truly speak out against what I was feeling under the restraint of negative auras but when I was at the museum I grew out of my shell and into the leader that I am today. I would not be this leader if it were not for the deeper realizations and creative outlets the museum and my “family” at Cleveland Museum of Art created for my young and ever growing mind.

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