2014 Design Exhibition, Vis Comm Design Senior Thesis Projects


The most recent Ohio State Department of Design student exhibition took place at the OSU Urban Arts Space in late March and early April of 2014. Student work was on display, and included thesis projects from the MFA program and all three undergraduate major programs.

A web-site was created to document the exhibition. Visual Communication Design senior thesis project work can be viewed via this section of the site.

Final project excerpts from Design 4103, third-year Vis Comm Design

Students designed and documented visual identity program applications in print, environmental, and digital media for this course. Below are examples from four student projects (click to view larger).

Victoria Billingsley, for a hang-gliding + skydiving service.

Mark Oxier, for a city revitalization group.

Tori Puthoff, for a mobile + web-application developer.

Katie Riccardella, for a wildlife conservation + education group.