Technical Reports

Note: Asterisk * indicates publications on tenure track. Circle o indicates PI’s students or interns. Dagger   indicates publications as a mentor of PI’s students or interns. PI’s name is bold

Hongteng Xuo, Xia Ning, Hui Zhang, and Guofei Jiang. Inferring concurrent request paths from kernel event traces for distributed system analysis. Technical Report 2014-TR067, NEC Labs America, 2014.

Xia Ning, Guofei Jiang, Haifeng Chen, and Kenji Yoshihira. HLAer: A system for heterogeneous log analysis. Technical Report 2013-TR097, NEC Labs America, 2013.

Xiao Biano, Xia Ning, and Guofei Jiang. Hierarchical sparse dictionary learning for heterogeneous high-dimensional time series. Technical Report 2014-TR051, NEC Labs America, 2013.

Jiaji Huango, Xia Ning, and Guofei Jiang. Osariahs: Online sparse regularized joint analysis for heterogeneous data. Technical Report 2013-TR098, NEC Labs America, 2013.

Xia Ning, Huzefa Rangwala, and George Karypis. Improved SAR models – exploiting the target-ligand relationships. Technical Report 08-011, Computer Science & Engineering, University of Minnesota, 2008.