4 Paws Introduction

Coming to college I always planned on joining a club on campus called 4 Paws For Ability. The club is through an organization outside of the university, but has a chapter at OSU. The purpose of the club is to help train and raise dogs that can go on to become service animals. These dogs are trained to perform tasks like closing doors, opening handicap doors, and tracking. First semester I refrained from applying to focus on school though. This semester my roomate, who was already approved through the organization, received a puppy to train. She was the main handler for this dog, named beetle, which means he lived with us. This experience really pushed my to apply to become a handler (or sitter) for the organization. Because of this, I have now been approved and will be attending orientation in Xenia this may, so that next semester I can begin participating in this club! I am very excited for the chance to hep train these dogs to help someone who really needs them.

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